Pablo Pintor's Journey - By Fabled Academy

Nico Thometzki

In collaboration with the Fabled Academy, we are bringing you an article combined with a high production video about the first Pro Tour in New Jersey. Get yourself some popcorn and enjoy!

373 Flesh and Blood players attended the first ever Pro Tour in New Jersey, but only one player can take the Trophy home. Fabled Academy followed the winner Pablo Pintor and documented his way to the final.

Pablo's choice of deck was the good old Boogieman Chane, which first got popular after the release of Monarch, because of his aggressive play style and the ability to survive fatigue strategies. After the Seeds of Agony ban, Chane had a bit of a down period, but dedicated players found a way to make him work again. Pablo also initially played a completely different Hero: Bravo, the Showstopper. But after losing a lot to his friend who always plays prism, he decided to switch it up and picked Chane. At first, it was really frustrating for him to play against fatigue matchups, but after a while he got it working. In preparation to the Pro Tour, he played "a ton of games" to be as comfortable with him as possible (and it worked!).

The start of the tournament didn't go well, though. He lost his first two games and was now under a lot of pressure. He basically isn't able to lose another game. With a bit of luck and good banishing (as it usually is with Chane) he managed to pick up every game and managed to secure a spot in the top 8!

From there he managed to get into the final, where he has to face the other Boogieman of the format: Bravo, Star of the Show. It was a tough battle, and he had to drop to 1 life, but in the end he managed to defeat the opponent and secured the win! He was very happy about the win and couldn't believe that he did it.

In case you want to check out the top 8 decks, here they are:

We also wrote an article about the meta breakdown here.

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