A Beginners Guide To Fai

Nico Thometzki

Fai emerged as a surprising contender at the Flesh and Blood World Championships 2023 in Barcelona. While many expected Iyslander or Dromai to dominate, it was Fai that ended up shining and clinching the top prize.

Today, we'll delve into the Fai deck used by Daniele Frattarelli in the World Championship. Securing a spot in the top 8, Frattarelli shared valuable deck insights on the Tales of Rathe YouTube channel.

This guide is designed for beginners just starting with Fai. It offers a glimpse into the deck's potential and how different cards synergize. Once you've gone through this guide, you can explore the deck page and start playing on Talishar to test it firsthand. Alternatively, you can purchase the deck directly on TCGplayer.

Fai Decklist

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Fai stands out as an aggressive deck packed with potent on-hit triggers, typically dealing 4 or more damage. Achieving this threshold is crucial for triggering its effects, considering that few cards can defend against such attacks using just one card. This strength enables Fai to sustain its chain of attacks by drawing cards or banishing effects, as seen in cards like Snatch.


Fai has to prepare his equipment for different game plans: vs. Aggro, vs. Fatique and vs. Ice. Typically, it's ideal to use Kodachis and Mask of Momentum when playing Fai. With Kodachis, Fai can unleash sufficient attacks in a single turn, creating the potential for triggering two Mask of Momentum effects.

Mask of Momentum

If you're facing heroes who typically block for 2, consider switching to Emberblade paired with the Mask of the Pouncing Lynx. This combination sets the stage for executing powerful combos using cards like Spreading Flames or Art of War, resulting in guaranteed high-damage output:

  1. Use Mask of the Pouncing Lynx and banish Lava Burst or Salt the Wound
  2. Use Spreading Flames or Art of War
  3. Don't forget to attack with Emberblade
  4. Go nuts
Mask of the Pouncing Lynx
Spreading Flames
Art of War

Snapdragon Scalers are crucial in nearly every aggressive deck, playing a key role in sustaining your attack chain. They work best when applied to cards like Snatch, Estrike, or Lava Burst. It's essential to use them carefully, as improper use can result in a disappointing turn.

Snapdragon Scalers

Flamescale Furnace and Strike Shuko serve well to block on-hit triggers and regain momentum. Be cautios though when using Strike Shuko for blocking as its effect is quite valuable.

Flamescale Furnace
Tiger Stripe Shuko

The Fyendal Spring Tunic proves useful against fatigue and ice decks by providing extra resources when needed.


Tide Flippers are valuable in the Iyslander matchup, offering Arcane Barrier alongside a toned-down Snapdragon effect.

Tide Flippers

Attacks and Combos

This deck kicks off its combos with Brand of Cinderclaw. It's crucial for building Draconic chain links, triggering Fai's effect. This sequence allows you to retrieve Phoenix Flame, adding tempo to your plays. Remember, avoid pitching Phoenix Flame, as it's essential to be in the graveyard for activating Fai's effect.

Phoenix Flame

As mentioned earlier, Fai's notable strength lies in its 4-damage on-hit triggers. Cards like Snatch, Soaring Strike, Mounting Anger, and Bittering Thorns create challenging situations for opponents when trying to block these.

Soaring Strike
Mounting Anger
Bittering Thorns

Art of War becomes your pivotal card for creating incredible chain-link turns. Its versatility allows you to enhance your attacks, triggering on-hit effects, drawing cards, or granting attack actions go again.

Art of War

To wrap up a big turn, consider using Lava Burst and Salt the Wound. It's not often used, but when it works, it packs a punch with high damage. If you're using Kodachis in a long chain of moves, play Lava Burst, Snapdragons for go again, and then Salt the Wound for major damage. With Emberblade, try Blaze Headlong, Snapdragon, pitch a blue card for Emberblade, use Phoenix Flame, and finish with Lava Burst for a potential 6 damage.

Lava Burst
Salt the Wound

Command and Conquer is a crucial card in the deck. It can create tricky blocking situations and often results in a shift in tempo.

Command and Conquer

You can use Enlightened Strike and Snatch at the end of your turn to draw a card, ensuring you have a card to place in your arsenal.

Enlightened Strike

Rising Resentment works well against Iyslander. Its effect can result in a negative cost, countering the effects of Frostbites.

Rising Resentment

Sideboard Cards

Spreading Flames
Sink Below
Enegry Potion

Spreading Flames adds extra pressure in aggressive matchups.

Sink Below is essential when facing Bravo, and the same applies to Reinforce the Line. Don't use it against Azalea though, because it will result in bad hands. You usually want to damage race Azalea.

An Energy Potion can be crucial in fatigue and ice matchups, providing additional resources.

Censor is a good card that attacks with 5, but it is also good against Azalea, Rhinar and Iyslander to ruin their turn.


Fai is a highly potent and aggressive deck. Focus on racing your opponent and only block when absolutely needed. I hope this guide has given you a good grasp of Fai's core strategies. Now enjoy playing Fai to the fullest!

A Beginners Guide To Fai

Fai emerged as a surprising contender at the Flesh and Blood World Championships 2023 in Barcelona. While many expected Iyslander or Dromai to do...

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