Flesh and Blood Outsiders Spoilers: A Short Review

Nico Thometzki

The Flesh and Blood Outsiders spoiler season has come to an end, and with that, we can finally have a look at some of the most interesting cards in the set. Although we cannot cover each card, we have handpicked some of the most intriguing ones for you. Make sure to visit our Twitter page @fabmeta_net to let us know what you think about the new Spoilers and what cards we should discuss next. We plan on making a part 2, which discusses the new potential Katsu combos and builds.


Uzuri, Switchblade - A deceiving Assassin

Uzuri, Switchblade is a newly introduced Hero in the Outsiders set, classified as an Assassin type. Her unique ability allows players to swap an attack action card with a card from their hand during the reaction phase. Moreover, players can choose to banish the card from their hand face down and immediately flip it to activate effects that require such actions. The potential to trigger face-down or banish effects makes Uzuri a promising addition to the choice of heroes. However, her viability in the current Meta remains uncertain and requires further exploration. Players are encouraged to experiment with Uzuri and her distinct playstyle.

Uzuri, Switchblade

Arakni, Solitary Confinement - Basic Stealth Mechanic

Arakni, Solitary Confinement, is a recently introduced hero whose primary purpose is to educate players on the Stealth mechanic. Although the effect is straightforward, it can prove to be quite useful, particularly in faster-paced Blitz games. As a new hero, Arakni offers a unique opportunity for players to experiment with the Stealth mechanic and explore new strategies in gameplay.


Stealth, a new Keyword

The Flesh and Blood Outsiders set introduced a new Keyword called Stealth. Initially, there was a lack of clarity regarding the Stealth keyword in the game. Some players believed that it made regular attack action cards with Stealth unblockable, but this turned out to be a misconception. In reality, Stealth is a unique keyword that each Assassin interacts with differently. For instance, the two Assassin heroes, Uzuri and Arakni, have distinct ways of interacting with the Stealth keyword. As players continue to explore the game and its mechanics, a deeper understanding of the Stealth keyword and its implications on gameplay is gradually emerging.


The Four Daggers

The Outsiders Set introduced four new daggers, namely Spider's Bite, Nerve Scalpel, Orbitoclast, and Scale Peeler, aimed at enhancing the Assassin class's capabilities. While these daggers share similar features, they come with distinct on-hit triggers that can significantly impact gameplay. As a result, players have the option to customize their Assassin class to suit their preferred playstyle, making them relevant in the future. The versatility of these daggers also makes them a valuable addition to any sideboard, allowing players to adapt their strategy to different matchups.

Nerve Scalpel


Scale Peeler

Spiders Bite

Trap Cards - Errata and Mechanic Change

LSS has made significant changes to how Trap cards are played in the game. Unlike before, Trap cards can now be played from the hand, unless explicitly stated otherwise. However, it's worth noting that the first three Trap cards released in Curcible of War - Tripwire Trap, Pitfall Trap, and Rockslide Trap - will receive a minor errata to state on the card that these still need to be played from the arsenal. Besides the errata, this update offers players greater flexibility and strategic options when using Trap cards in gameplay. By enabling Trap cards to be played from the hand, players can now react more quickly to their opponents' moves and gain a significant advantage in gameplay.


Riptide, Lurker of the Deep

The recent changes made to Trap cards in the game have a significant impact on the gameplay of the new hero, Riptide, Lurker of the Deep. Riptide's unique ability allows him to deal one damage every time a Trap he controls triggers, making him a formidable opponent in battles. Moreover, the Flesh and Blood Outsiders Set introduces many new Trap cards, including Collapsing Trap and Spike Pit Trap. With these new Traps will offer players new options and strategic possibilities. The Spike Spit Trap looks like a direct counter to Pummel.

Riptide, Lurker of the Deep

Collapsing Trap

Spike Pit Trap

Wreck Havoc - A Budget C&C?

Wreck Havoc is a compelling card that offers players both a replacement and an addition to the Command and Conquer card. While it may appear to be a weaker version of Command and Conquer at first glance, Wreck Havoc can still be used effectively to supplement a player's existing Command and Conquer cards, essentially allowing players to run six copies of the powerful card. This versatility provides players with greater flexibility in creating their decks and allows them to tailor their strategies to specific matchups.

Wreck Havoc

Mask of Many Faces - A Budget Card for Katsu

The Mask of Many Faces is a budget-friendly card that can serve as a substitute for the Mask of Momentum. However, as it is a headpiece, it may not be as effective as the latter. It would have been more beneficial for the Katsu Deck if the Mask of Many Faces were a different piece since it could bring more consistency. Nonetheless, it remains a viable option to keep Combo Attacks going and trigger Combo effects. In the faster-paced Blitz format, the Mask of Many Faces could even outperform the Mask of Momentum.

Mask of Many Faces

Infiltrate - A Card for Strategic Play

Infiltrate is a card with a unique ability to enable players to play cards from their opponent's deck. It can potentially turn the tide of a game by targeting a crucial card in the opponent's deck. Infiltrate also adds an exciting dimension to gameplay by allowing players to use cards from their opponent's deck and potentially surprise them with unexpected moves, such as playing a wizard instant during the opponent's turn to clinch a victory. As such, Infiltrate is considered a useful sideboard card for specific matchups.


The Introduction of Hybrid Cards

Outsiders has recently announced a new card feature that allows two specified classes to use the same cards. While this may not be a game changer in Flesh and Blood, it does offer players from multiple classes an opportunity to utilize a shared set of cards.

Hybrid Cards


The Flesh and Blood Outsiders set has been an exciting addition to the game, bringing in new heroes, cards, and mechanics. With the introduction of Stealth, players have a new keyword to explore, and with Trap cards' changes, we can expect more exciting plays in the future.

Additionally, the introduction of Hybrid Cards will bring new deck-building opportunities. This is a significant change for the game, and we can't wait to see what players come up with.

It's also worth mentioning the introduction of new heroes, such as Uzuri and Arakni, who provide unique effects and mechanics that add depth to the game. The Outsiders set has definitely brought fresh and exciting changes to the game, and we can't wait to see how it affects the meta.

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We hope this article has provided you with some insights into the set and piqued your interest in the game.

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