Flesh and Blood Outsiders Pre-Release Events Announcement

Nico Thometzki

Yesterday, fabtcg.com announced the Flesh and Blood Outsiders pre-release events. Players now have the chance to test the new cards before the release on March 24th.

Get a competitive edge by reading this article. We will take an in-depth look at how these events work and why you should consider attending the Outsiders pre-release events.

What is the Flesh and Blood Outsiders Pre-Release Event?

Outsiders pre-release events are special events held by Legend Story Studios (LSS) before the official release of a new set of cards. These events are usually held in local game stores. Players get the chance to buy and play with new cards before they become available to the public.

The Outsiders pre-release events will be held between the 17th to the 20th of March. The exact date of the next Outsiders pre-release event will depend on your location and the trading card game store hosting the events. You can find a list of all the store events here: Outsiders pre-release event finder.

This is your best chance to try out the new cards before the Outsiders Set will be released on March 24th!

How does the Outsiders Pre-Release Event Work?

At the Outsiders pre-release event, players will be given a pre-release kit which contains 6 Outsiders booster packs, as well as a special promo card. They will then use these cards to build a deck and play against others in a tournament-style event.

The winner of the tournament will receive extra booster packs and other prizes. Sometimes, the prizes are even desirable by collectors, making these events a great way to build up your trading cards collection.

Outsiders Pre-release Kit

Why Should You Attend an Outsiders Pre-Release Event?

Attending an Outsiders pre-release event can give you many benefits, including:

  • Early Access to New Cards: By attending an Outsiders pre-release event, you'll have the chance to get your hands on new cards before anyone else, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.
  • Competitive Edge: By competing in a pre-release tournament, you'll be able to test out new strategies and gain valuable experience that can help you in future games.
  • Prize Support: Most pre-release events offer a range of prizes for participants. These prizes include extra booster packs, promo cards, and playmats.
  • Community Building: Attending pre-release events is a great way to meet other players and build a community around your favorite trading card game.


Flesh and Blood Outsiders pre-release events are a fantastic way to get early access to new trading cards, test out new strategies, and build a community around your favorite trading card game. If you're a fan of Flesh and Blood TCG, we highly recommend attending an Outsiders pre-release event in your area.

Source: Outsiders Pre-release Events

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