Iyslander Young - Tier 1

By Daniel Rutkowski (42767595) on 04-Nov-2022

This hero reached the Living Legend status. It is no longer legal to play this hero in a competitive format.
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Iyslander Young
Daniel Rutkowski
$993.78 on TCGPlayer Buy
World Championship 1 Blitz
4th Place
39% Conversion (Top 8 to 1st)
Tier 1
1x Goliath Gauntlet
1x Arcanite Skullcap
1x Nullrune Boots
1x Fyendal's Spring Tunic
1x Metacarpus Node
1x Ironhide Gauntlet
1x Ironhide Legs
1x Coronet Peak
1x Waning Moon
1x Alluvion Constellas
1x Crown of Providence
There are no sideboard cards - Is this your deck and you want to add the sideboard? Contact me here.
Main Deck
2x Enlightened Strike
1x Sigil of Solace
2x Wounded Bull
2x Command and Conquer
2x Aether Icevein
2x Fyendal's Fighting Spirit
1x Aether Icevein
2x Amulet of Ice
2x Channel Lake Frigid
2x Polar Blast
2x Emeritus Scolding
2x Ice Eternal
2x Aether Icevein
2x Brain Freeze
2x Frost Hex
2x Aether Hail
2x Frosting
2x Ice Bolt
2x Hypothermia
2x Cold Snap
2x Brothers in Arms
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