The New Young Wizard Iyslander

Nico Thometzki

Today Cardmarket spoiled a wanted hero: A Young Elemental Wizard called Iyslander. Soon we will also provide Decklists for her, once we know more about the set. It is yet to be seen how good the ability of her is in competitive play.

Instead of using non-attack action cards blindly on your oponent's turn, you can now play blue pitch non-attack action cards from your arsenal. The random factor is gone, but you also are only able to play one, as you only have one arsenal slot.

The second ability which allows you to create frost bite tokens for your opponent is telling us that she will most likely fall into the control category. Control decks are pretty good against Aggro decks, as we already saw with Ice Lexi and Oldhim.

Keep an eye on FABMETA. After the release of Everfest we will post some new Blitz Decks for you to try out.

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