New Zealand and Australian Nationals

Nico Thometzki

Last weekend the last national championships took place in New Zealand and Australia. They managed to showcase that Briar was not as strong as many people have thought.

New Zealand


Like shown in this top 8 placements, the Meta actually seems to be very diverse. Of course the Briar errata and newly banned cards will weaken Briar even more, but Bravo, Oldhim and even Prism seem to be at the top right now. Viserai also performed very well this weekend, which was not a surprise, but many expected Viserai to be even better and maybe even secure two number 1 placements. Considering that Viserai is not directly impacted by the newly banned cards, it perform even better in the future.

It was nice to see two non Briar dominant nationals and how the Meta could've looked like if we had more time for preparation. Anyhow, after the release of Everfest everything will change anayway, so no reason to deeply analyse the current state of the Meta.

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