Blitz Tier List Update

Nico Thometzki

The new Blitz Tier List is here and a lot has changed since Everfest came out. Viserai is now the best Deck by far and it seems like the community struggles to find a consistent counter to it.

We updated the Tier List with the help from FaB TCG and their tournament data. The algorithm determined Viserai to be the number one deck and the only Tier 1 Deck in this Skirmish Season. The best Decks against Viserai seem to be Kano, Iyslander and Oldhim, but they are still not consistent enough. Slower Heroes all dropped a Tier or two, since they can't keep up with the Speed of Viserai. Rhinar seems to get more popular over the Season, maybe he is the secret counter to Viserai, since he can intimidate the lesser valuable cards and force him to defend with good cards.

Even though Viserai is the clear Tier 1 Hero, the Meta still seems very diverse. We currently have 6 Heroes in Tier 2, which is an improvement in diversity compared to last season. We hope you enjoy the new Tier List and keep an eye on it, since it will evolve over the next couple of Weeks and Months.

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