Aggro Katsu - Tier 3

By Kieran Mcentegart (97225196) on 23-Jul-2021

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Kieran Mcentegart
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1st Place
9% Conversion (Top 8 to 1st)
Tier 3
1x Breaking Scales
1x Heartened Cross Strap
1x Mask of Momentum
1x Snapdragon Scalers
1x Fyendal's Spring Tunic
2x Harmonized Kodachi
There are no sideboard cards - Is this your deck and you want to add the sideboard? Contact me here.
Main Deck
3x Ancestral Empowerment
1x Blackout Kick
3x Enlightened Strike
3x Flic Flak
1x Fluster Fist
3x Head Jab
3x Leg Tap
1x Open the Center
3x Razor Reflex
2x Rising Knee Thrust
3x Scar for a Scar
3x Snatch
3x Surging Strike
3x Whelming Gustwave
3x Life for a Life
3x Plunder Run Banned
3x Torrent of Tempo
3x Belittle Banned
1x Minnowism
3x Mugenshi: RELEASE
2x Surging Strike
3x Art of War
3x Lord of Wind
3x Rising Knee Thrust
3x Whelming Gustwave
3x Crane Dance
2x Find Center
3x Minnowism
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