Fai - Tier 2

By Alexandros Argyriou on 18-Nov-2023

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Alexandros Argyriou
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World Championship Barcelona 2023
1st Place
9% Conversion (Top 8 to 1st)
Tier 2
1x Mask of Momentum
1x Snapdragon Scalers
1x Fyendal's Spring Tunic
2x Harmonized Kodachi
1x Mask of the Pouncing Lynx
1x Searing Emberblade
1x Flamescale Furnace
1x Tiger Stripe Shuko
1x Tide Flippers
There are no sideboard cards - Is this your deck and you want to add the sideboard? Contact me here.
Main Deck
3x Ancestral Empowerment
3x Enlightened Strike
3x Sink Below
3x Snatch
2x Command and Conquer
3x Ravenous Rabble
3x Reinforce the Line
3x Mounting Anger
3x Brand with Cinderclaw
3x Rising Resentment
3x Ronin Renegade
3x Blaze Headlong
3x Lava Burst
1x Phoenix Flame
3x Double Strike
1x Erase Face
3x Bittering Thorns
3x Art of War
3x Salt the Wound
3x Brand with Cinderclaw
3x Soulbead Strike
3x Brand with Cinderclaw
3x Lava Vein Loyalty
3x Stab Wound
3x Warmonger's Diplomacy
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