Dromai - Tier 3

By Melody Wehipeihana on 14-Jan-2023

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Melody Wehipeihana
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ProQuest: Gateway Games
4th Place
8% Conversion (Top 8 to 1st)
Tier 3
1x Ironrot Gauntlet
1x Mage Master Boots
1x Nullrune Gloves
1x Crown of Reflection
1x Storm of Sandikai
1x Flamescale Furnace
1x Ghostly Touch
1x Crown of Providence
There are no sideboard cards - Is this your deck and you want to add the sideboard? Contact me here.
Main Deck
3x Enlightened Strike
3x Sigil of Solace
3x Sink Below
3x Command and Conquer
3x Fate Foreseen
3x Spears of Surreality
3x Miraging Metamorph
1x Burn Them All
1x Invoke Tomeltai
1x Invoke Dominia
3x Invoke Azvolai
3x Invoke Cromai
3x Invoke Kyloria
3x Invoke Miragai
1x Invoke Ouvia
2x Invoke Vynserakai
2x Invoke Yendurai
3x Dunebreaker Cenipai
3x Dustup
3x Sweeping Blow
3x Rake the Embers
2x Sand Cover
2x Erase Face
1x Remembrance
3x Passing Mirage
3x Pierce Reality
3x Dustup
1x Embermaw Cenipai
3x Sweeping Blow
1x Semblance
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