Levia - Tier 4

By Scott Corell on 05-Mar-2022

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Scott Corell
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ProQuest: Olympus Games, AZ, USA
8th Place
3% Conversion (Top 8 to 1st)
Tier 4
1x Scabskin Leathers
1x Arcanite Skullcap
1x Fyendal's Spring Tunic
1x Gambler's Gloves
2x Mandible Claw
1x Romping Club
1x Skullhorn
1x Arcane Lantern
There are no sideboard cards - Is this your deck and you want to add the sideboard? Contact me here.
Main Deck
3x Barraging Beatdown
3x Enlightened Strike
3x Pack Hunt
3x Pummel
3x Sink Below
3x Smash Instinct
2x Unmovable
3x Command and Conquer
3x Fate Foreseen
3x Pulping
2x Shadow Puppetry
3x Writhing Beast Hulk
3x Swing Big
3x Barraging Beatdown
3x Bloodrush Bellow
3x Pummel
3x Smash Instinct
2x ARGH... Smash!
2x Springboard Somersault
3x Barraging Beatdown
2x Reckless Swing
3x Wrecker Romp
3x Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell
1x Soul Harvest
2x Unworldly Bellow
3x High Roller
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